From Shared to Dedicated to Private or Hybrid Cloud, we have you covered.

Shared Hosting

Our packages are the best deals in hosting you can find. When your site needs to be up 100% of the time, choose Illuminated.All Accounts come with active Spam filtering which keeps unwanted spam out of your mailbox.

Starting at $8/mo

Dedicated Servers

Why settle for a virtual shared server when you can have your own? Our Dedicated and Colocation services are an inexpensive way to have complete control over your sites and services you offer.

Starting at $99/mo


Our Colocation Packages allow you to use your own hardware in our facility.

Starting at $75/mo

Managed Services

Let our experts maintain your server including backups, security updates, IDS and firewall maintenance, and log file analysis.

Starting at $150/mo

Private/Hybrid Cloud

Utilize our global network and decades of experience to host your applications

Starting at $150/mo

Cloud VPS

If you're not ready for a full dedicated server but you need your own environment, it's time to step up to a VPS (Virtual Private Server). And unlike some companies that call their shared hosting platforms VPS's, we offer realVPSĀ®

Starting at $24/mo

Remote Backup

When your data needs to be safe no matter what happens to your hardware or location, you need to consider offsite backup. Our automated offsite backup solutions are 100% secure and reliable.

Starting at $9/mo

Domain Registration

Illuminated Hosting takes the guess work out of domain registration! Our domain registration service is seamlessly integrated into our web hosting packages.

Starting at $15/yr